How to choose a child care program

In Utah, child care programs provide new parents with the freedom to return to life after the arrival of their baby. Few parents look forward to returning to work after the birth of their first child but, for many, going

Scheduling a child care center tour

Are you preparing to take child care center tours? Finding the right learning and preschool environment — a safe, nurturing place where your little one can explore and grow – isn’t an easy task. And, if this is your first

How to get your child ready for preschool

Is your toddler starting preschool soon? Adjusting to the new setting can be challenging for some children. In time, heading to the child care center will become routine – but the first day may be a little rough on both

Benefits of high-quality childcare

In today’s world, a child care program is absolutely essential for many families. Parents often feel guilty putting their kids in daycare, but staying home isn’t always an option. The good news is that a high-quality childcare program, one that

Utah childcare providers

Your childcare provider is there for your little one when you can’t be, but becoming involved at preschool is essential. Participating sends a strong message that you believe education is important – and research shows that children whose parents act