Childcare Programs in Salt Lake City

Here is some information on our various programs.

Incredible Infants
Our incredible infants spend their day in an environment that meets their needs. This includes feeding, diapering and social / emotional contact. By providing the basic needs, the infants learn trust that is essential to their growth and development. Our infant caregivers are trained in infant care through on-site trainings and outside classes. We also work as a team with the parents to provide care that follows their own personal preferences in regards to feedings, naps and play.

Wonderful Wobblers
Our wonderful wobblers are the in-between babes, those that are starting to be mobile yet not quite steady on their feet. While basic needs are still met, we see more socialization and mobility with this age. Their room is set up to allow them to move from activity to activity and choose what they want to investigate. Again, we work with the parents with feedings and naps.

Tremendous Toddlers
Our toddlers are on the move, ready to expand their imaginations. Their room is set up to allow them a variety of activities to experiment with. From a focus on fine and large motor skills, music and books, we offer the toddlers a place to explore.

Terrific Twos
We firmly believe that twos are terrific! The natural curiosity and independence that describes most twos is what makes them special. Instead of trying to suppress these natural behaviors we plan a day that allows them to meet these natural curiosities and also guides them toward pro-social skills. It is a tireless job, but one our two-year-old teachers love because they get to see so many “a-ha” moments.

Fantastic Fours
Our fours are continuing that social journey, becoming more aware of the world around them and continuing their independence. The caregivers use verbal cues to help the fours work out and solve problems amongst themselves, a skill crucial for kindergarten. Activities that are age and developmentally appropriate are planned daily. These skills include fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills and problem-solving activities.

Fabulous Fives
This class includes our older pre-kindergarten students and kindergarteners. We transport our kindergarteners to and from several local schools. Our half- and full-day kindergarteners return to their class and are allowed time to “unwind” in an environment that allows them to play and socialize in a supportive environment.

Our older fives in this class follow an activity plan similar to that of the four-year-olds with a stronger emphasis on independence, self-help and social skills to prepare them for kindergartening.

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